Friday, September 23, 2005

WCES personnel learn to display and manipulate Landsat images in ERDAS ViewFinder

Wyoming Cooperative Extension Service (WCES) personnel learned to work with remotely sensed images in ERDAS ViewFinder (EVF), a freeware image viewing and analyzing software.  WCES personnel can install EVF in their computers and do not have to periodically renew its license.  WCES personnel learned to change Landsat band combinations, obtain pixel reflectance values at specific locations, and compute areas of features such as rangelands, crop fields, and water bodies.

By displaying Landsat images in different combinations (true color, false color infrared etc.), participants learned to highlight vegetation growth in rangelands, crop growth in fields, and differences in water quality.

Some participants suggested that this 1/2 day workshop should be expanded (1- or 2-day workshop) to accommodate more examples, while others wanted to take Landsat data in a portable devices to their offices to work on problems specific to their county/region.

This WyomingView education and outreach activity was conducted by Ramesh Sivanpillai on 23 September 2005.